Cara Main Game PS2 Di Android

Cara Main Game PS2 Di Android – Everyone want to play ps2 games on their android phone. Yeah as a ps2 gamers we need our old ps2 games. But, you can still play your favorite games on your android phone. You can download emulator like DamonPS2 Pro PS2.


Cara Main Game PS2 Di Android

Damon ps2 pro is a very good emulator you can choose. This is no matter is best and easy to use. And, it is fastest and easy to use. You can download the file from the page. You can also find this file in google play.

The PlayStation 2 has a great gaming experience. It is a revolutionary gaming system when it first arrived. Now you can look at it as a classic console.

This was a home to many great games. We are going to show you how to play Cara Main Game PS2 Di Android. Just follow the instructions. And then you will have PS2 Games on your android.

There is a video to follow along with it. Go check Cara Main Game PS2 Di Android to follow along with the video.

How To Install The PS2 Emulator


1.  First, Go to the settings

2.  Then, Go to Security

3. And, then go to Unknown Sources

4. You have to make sure unknown sources is checked

5. Then, go download the Play! Emulator from here. You Also can download Damon PS2 from below link.

6. After downloading, Install the Play Emulator on your android phone

7. Open up the Play Emulator

8. The good thing is you can now download PS2 games onto your android

9. You can download PS2 Games from and

10. You can go to those sites. Then you can choose from various games. Then, download your PS2 Game of your choice. Also, make sure that to install two apps from the play store.

11. First, Download File Manager HD and 7Zipper from the Google Play Store

12. Then, go into your File Manager. And go to the Downloads Section

13. Find the game you just downloaded before

14. As you find the game, Tap on the game. And open it with 7Zipper

15. Then tap on the three dots. Scroll down until you see Play Data Files

16. Once you tap on that folder. Press “ok”. And let the file extract

17. Once everything is finished.  Go into the Play Emulator

18. Cheers! You can now enjoy and play your favorite PS2 Game on your Android!

Be sure to take a look at the compatibility list here


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You can download the Emulator PS2 Android Apk from here. Enjoy. Happy Gaming. Just Click Here to Download Emulator PS2 Android Damon Pro.


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